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Let Me Share My Story

Hi, I'm Anna,
I decided to write this little blog to try and help others who may be where I was a few short months ago.

Here is my story..
I feel like a lot of women are searching most of their lives for what seems like “the secret”. I know I was, and after trying many different things without success I had eventually given up all hope!
Most people don’t know one of the extremely common causes of a slow metabolism…
I didn’t believe it myself - not by a long shot. For quite some time, this caused me to ignore the real issue I had, and my appearance reflected it…  
I didn’t understand why my number on the scale kept going up. 
Eventually, my confidence hit an all-time low. I tried many different things... but they simply didn’t work. But why?  
This question kept me awake at night. Was I doing something wrong? My social life was on a decline because I didn’t even like what I saw in the mirror.  
To change my mood I decided to get in touch my neighbor across the street had moved to a different part of town and I hadn’t seen her in a while, so we decided to catch up for a coffee.
I was stunned by the glow and how youthful she looked! Tina has always been similar to me, on the heavier side and out of shape, but not now: “ Tina, How?”
She smiled and shared with me a “Morning Metabolism routine” she has been doing every day, and I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first …but looking at her results, I said to myself, “why not?” If it’s working for Tina why not me?”

As it turns out, I was focusing on the wrong thing! The real issue I had wasn’t a lack of trying...I was doing plenty of that.
The true cause of my unexpected gain was directly correlated with my low core body temperature.
This was the last thing I’d ever thought it would be... This morning trigger was the natural remedy that put my problem to rest. I couldn’t believe that it actually worked... 
The routine involves a 10-second "morning metabolism routine" that instructs your body to exhaust this stored body fat for steady, clean energy, maximizing effects during your day.
At this stage, I set aside my doubt, did my own research, and started implementing it. 
After what felt like no time at all, I started to notice results!

I have since discovered:
👉 The power to boost my metabolism while sleeping was key
👉 That my sleep and stress patterns improved
👉 My skin feels soft and supple, almost rejuvenated
👉 My hair is shiny and my nails are healthy and strong

These are all things I didn't expect but are a great result for me.

Reaching My Goal

What a wonderful feeling...

I have reached my goal weight and it's an amazing feeling. 

I’m glad I discovered how my body works because now I’m getting compliments from everyone I know 😁

And even better…I get to share the best moments with my kids and my new man…the hugs are the best!!! 🤗

And that's why I'm so passionate in sharing this story of my transformation with you , so you can experience feeling happy and healthy.



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